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Means of Grace, a podcast from the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, equips church leaders through expertise and examples. Every week, we feature local experts on a variety of topics from leadership to innovation and share examples of churches in our conference reaching their communities in new ways through mission engagement, Fresh Expressions and much more. Rev. Kim Ingram, Rev. Luke Edwards, Jesse Enniss, Melissa McGill, Caroline Wood and Brian Mateer host. 

Our goal is to equip church leaders through expertise and examples in Western North Carolina. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, defined Means of Grace as the outward signs, words or actions that are the ordinary channels conveying God’s grace to the souls of people. We break them into two categories – works of piety – like prayer, studying the scriptures, worshiping together and sharing in the sacraments – and works of mercy – doing good works, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, seeking justice, and working to end oppression and discrimination. So when we’re talking about leadership or discipleship or an outreach initiative, it’s about more than doing a program well, it’s a means of God’s grace to the world.

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Means of Grace BONUS EPISODE: Our Life in Community: A Mid-Lenten Reflection with Bishop Carter

In this short bonus episode, Bishop Carter dives a bit deeper into the life and teaching of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, particularly related to Bonhoeffer's book Life Together, which we have been studying together as a Conference throughout the season of ...

Means of Grace: Church is Changing, Part 1

In this week's episode, Rob Hutchinson, WNCC Director of Church Development, speaks with Guilford College UMC's Student Associate Minister, Andres Perez Gonzalez. Together, they discuss the ways church is changing in 2023 and how we can grow our ...

Means of Grace: A Conversation with Bishop Carter: Where We Are & Where We're Going

In this week's episode, Director of Communications, Aimee Yeager, sits down with Bishop Carter to talk about his vision and hopes for the future for the Western North Carolina Conference and The United Methodist Church. Not ignoring the very real ...

Means of Grace: Black History Month: Do We Still Need It?

In this Means Of Grace podcast episode, Rev. Dr. Bill White, Jr., WNCC Director of Equity and Justice Ministries, speaks with Rev. Pam Blackstock, Rev. Rodvegas Ingram, and Rev. Dr. Otto Harris about Black History Month - what it means for our ...

Means of Grace: Lessons From UMC LEAD Conference 2023

In this Means Of Grace podcast episode, we take you into The UMC LEAD Conference. This is an annual gathering of United Methodist leaders from across the US. It was modeled around TED style talks about new and creative ways to engage in ministry such...

Means of Grace: How Do We Create the Beloved Community? We Listen.

In this Means Of Grace podcast episode, Rev. Dr. Bill White, Jr. speaks with Dr. Derek Hicks, Associate Professor of Religion and Culture at Wake Forest Divinity School. Together, they discuss this current moment for the Black Church, the future of ...

Means of Grace: The Power of Storytelling

In this Means Of Grace podcast episode, Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram talk with Rev. Dr. Myer Dahn about Rediscovering the Evangelistic Power of Personal Redemptive Storytelling, the title of his Doctor of Ministry dissertation. Myer talks about how he...
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