WNCC United Methodist Women meets and exceeds 2020 pledge

January 27, 2021

By: Julia A. Willis, WNCC UMW President

WNCC United Methodist Women Meets and Exceeds 2020 Pledge
The Vision of United Methodist Women is to put Faith, Love, and Hope into action on behalf of Women, Children, and Youth around the world.  They do that through their financial and in-kind support of nearly 90 National Mission Institution, partnering with 107 International organizations to carry out 107 programs and projects in 110 different countries.  These programs are all designed so that each life touched is improved and, in turn, that woman or child is empowered to reach out in a positive way in the local community.
The goal of your WNCC United Methodist Women is to support that vision to the fullest extent possible, driven by the funds given by its members.  Every year, the leadership team of the WNC United Methodist Women meets to review past years’ funds received, estimate what funds can be expected in the coming year along with what funds will be needed for conference and district operations, yes, they develop a budget.  The most significant element of that budget is the amount they can commit to send to the National Office of UMW to fund their missions, their Pledge.  As with the rest of the church, with declining membership and an uncertain economy, achieving that pledge goal has been elusive in the past few years.
As always, developing a budget is both art and science as, in life, there are no certainties.  In 2019, as the leadership team looked forward to 2020, they followed past practices and developed a 2020 budget, including a 2020 Pledge to National of $525,000 based on their best information at the time.  Then 2020 hit…the year of the pandemic, and all plans became moot and were replaced with actions designed to make the best of a crazy situation…and “making the best” they did.  Gatherings for members were not cancelled, they became virtual.  Offerings were not taken in baskets and plate, they arrived by mail or by “click.”
The outcome? With a combination of members continuing to give, albeit at a lower rate, and expenses slashed because they were not able to meet safely, your Western NC United Methodist Women met and exceeded their goal of $525,000.  An accomplishment that has eluded them since 2012.  An accomplishment achieved in support of Faith, Hope, and Love in action.