WNC Conference offices to reopen June 1, 2021

May 26, 2021



Post-Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan
June 2021

The Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan has served the Conference and District offices and staff appropriately.  As the Center for Disease Control and both federal and state administrations are now relaxing the COVID-19 Pandemic requirements, the Western North Carolina will now implement a Post-COVID-19 Response Plan effective June 1, 2021. This plan will remain in effect until either the CDC or the governmental administrations issue new stipulations and requirements.
  1. The Conference and District offices will be opened to staff and to the public with appropriately guarded requirements as follows.
  2. Masking and social distancing are required in all conference rooms for public events.  If 100% of the event participants can produce legitimate documents for being fully vaccinated, the mask requirement can be relaxed.  However, individuals who prefer to wear masks are at liberty to do.
  3. Hand sanitizer with the recommended percentage of alcohol content will be available at the reception front desk, kitchen area, and in each Conference Room. 
  4. Each employee will be provided cleaning wipes to use periodically on keyboards, phones, computer mouse, and other office supplies such as staplers and/or tape dispensers as they deem.
Vaccination Protocol
  1. The conference does not Require Vaccination but highly recommends all staff be vaccinated.
  2. Per CDC recommendations, the following will be in place for those who are vaccinated:
    1. Considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after 2nd Dose if two-dose vaccine or 2 weeks after 1st dose if a one-dose vaccine.
    2. Masks and social distancing are recommended for employees in open areas but not required. Masks are not required when in your office or at your workstation (unless a second party is with you and you or they prefer to mask).
    3. If you are vaccinated and exposed to someone with COVID 19, testing and quarantining from the office is not required if asymptomatic. If symptoms of any kind appear, you must refrain from coming to the office until 10 days have lapsed OR 7 days if a COVID 19 test indicates negative. Test results may be asked for verification. Confidentiality is assured.
  3. If you have not or prefer not to be vaccinated, the following will be in place again per CDC recommendations:
    1. Completion of CheckInz each day upon entry to the office must continue. Records are kept confidential.
    2. Masking and social distancing are still required in the open areas and workstations.
    3. Per CDC guidelines, if an unvaccinated employee or an employee household member seems unwell OR if an unvaccinated staff person is exposed to COVID 19, he/she must refrain from coming to the offices until 10 days have lapsed OR 7 days if a COVID 19 test indicates negative. Test results may be asked for verification. Confidentiality is assured.

Download a copy of the WNCC Post Infections Disease Outbreak Response Plan.

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