June 14, 2022

UMsConnected, a new ministry based in the Florida Annual Conference of the UMC under the supervision of Bishop Ken Carter, has launched. It has come into being as the new United Methodist Church emerges. In this historic time of change, there are a variety of reasons why people feel disconnected. UMsConnected is a community walking together during this time of transition, "watching over one another in love," as John Wesley put it.

He also often referred to the Methodists as "the Connection". Even though scattered about, the early Methodists practiced their faith with a spirit of unity and fellowship. UMsConnected takes its name from this heritage, and with the same aim of experiencing life together through in-person and digital means. UMsConnected stands at the intersection of spiritual formation and the Wesleyan tradition. The mission is expressed in these ways...

Vision: To nurture participants in an inclusive theology of love which ignites personal and social holiness in ways that increasingly conform us to the image of Christ.

Intention: To provide in-person and digital Wesleyan formation opportunities.

Means: To develop resources that facilitate Wesleyan formation, beginning with these things...
-a website that serves as the anchor point
-a group Facebook page that provides daily encouragement
-a weekly podcast that addresses formation themes and matters related to the movement

Live and on-demand resources will be added that individuals and groups can use to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. UMsConnected will also link with existing ministries (e.g. Path 1 and Amplify Media) to further enrich this ministry.

Everything in UMsConnected is open access. But individuals and groups are encouraged to affiliate with the movement. UMsConnected does not have members, it has participants. We "belong" by practice. Information for joining the journey is on the website:

Beyond the programmatic aspects of UMsConnected, we know some participants will need pastoral care in new and different ways. Means for providing this will be designed.

To learn more about UMsConnected, go to the website. Category icons at the top of the homepage describe the ministry more fully. The current "Connections" newsletter is there as well.

As you familiarize yourself with the UMsConnected movement, feel free to contact the ministry director, Dr. Steve Harper, to share thoughts, ask questions, etc. His email is

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