Tutorials Using StreamYard for Live Streaming Worship

May 26, 2020

Rev. Denise Kilgo-Martin walks through three tutorial videos of using StreamYard to live stream worship - starting with a basic, introductory video and moving into advanced features. 

Tutorial Using StreamYard for Worship 1
An introductory video using StreamYard to offer livestream worship. This walks you through getting started using StreamYard and the basic features included in the free account. 

Tutorial Using StreamYard for Worship 2
A second introductory video on using StreamYard livestream worship, focusing on adding Share Screen and inviting remote guests into the stream to help you lead worship.

Tutorial Using StreamYard for Worship 3
A last tutorial using StreamYard for worship sharing some last tips to improve the overall look of your worship livestream using StreamYard, some features with a paid account and the possibility of having another person run the production of the video while the main worship leader enters as a Guest and can focus solely on leading.


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