Rebate money available for churches to go solar

January 27, 2021

By: Rev. Noel N. Sweezy, FUMC Stanley

Dear Fellow United Methodist Congregations,
Duke Energy is currently giving away FREE MONEY to nonprofit organizations that decide to Go Solar!  
Our congregation, First United Methodist Church of Stanley, North Carolina (on CommonGround), has recently installed a 15,000 watt solar array which was added to a previously installed 5,000 watt solar array for a system total of 20,000 watt AC power. Considering we have added a 15,000 watt system, we will receive $11,250 (75 cents/watt) from Duke Energy. Our total system will generate more than $4,000 a year in power savings. The panels and inverters installed also have a 25-year parts warranty, which guarantees our church roughly $100,000 in power savings during the life of the panels and inverters.

A member of our church, Morgan Ensley, a recent engineering graduate, is pursuing a career in renewable energy, specifically the installation of solar arrays, electric car charging stations, and solar water heating systems. Morgan has helped lead our church’s project to completion. To further this, he created an insured LLC and is giving free estimates to non-profit organizations that may be interested in going solar also. If you and your church are interested in this opportunity to save money as you care for God’s Creation, please contact Morgan Ensley via / (704) 964-2799.
Rev. Noel N. Sweezy
First United Methodist Church
on CommonGround
5481 Hickory Grove Road
Stanley, NC 28164