Pray for Project Agape Armenia and Artsakh

October 7, 2020

For over 27 years, United Methodists of North Carolina have been helping our sisters and brothers in Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh through Project AGAPE.  We continue to provide humanitarian aid, educational classes, the Agricultural Development Project, and other missions and ministries.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made the distributions more difficult and the economic toll on families has been increased. Now the war between the Republic of Artsakh and Azerbaijan has made the distributions even harder.  All lights have been ordered to be turned off at night, families have been in the basements of their homes, the essentials of life will be harder to come by in the next several months.  May we in the Western North Carolina Conference lift up in prayer our sisters and brothers in Artsakh during this time of hostility and war.  May we pray for the families who will struggle to provide food, clothing, and possibly safe shelter during this time.  And may we also pray for a lasting peace for this entire region.
A note from Project Agape Executive Director Nara Melkonyan:
“Some of the AGAPE staff members' families have left Berdzor, some stay at AGAPE guesthouse and run to the basement when the warning sirens start and stay there overnight.  It is safe there.  Also some of the neighbors stay there, too. The new priest of Kashatagh Father Beniamin is also at the Project Agape compound.  He goes to the military shelters where many people stay, praying and encouraging them. He has said he will not leave Kashatagh until the end of the war.
The mother of one of the families we serve called me while I was watching the news about the war and told me she has sent four of their children to Yerevan with the hope we'll take care of them. They stay in the office in Yerevan and are in safe hands.  PLEASE PRAY FOR ARMENIA & ARTSAKH!!!”
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