Pentecost Resources for Virtual Ministries and At-Home Worship

May 28, 2020

Ideas for Celebrating Pentecost at Home A feature by Joe Iovino
"Creatively celebrating Pentecost in the home can be a wonderful addition to your family's devotional life, as you give thanks to God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the church. Here are some ideas to help get you started."

Ask the UMC: What is Pentecost?

We Are Not Alone: Pentecost 2020 A video and small group discussion guide from UM Communications
"Pentecost 2020 comes to us as the world continues to deal with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. In this special United Methodist Communications production, set in the ever-increasingly common virtual world, a small group examines the meaning of Pentecost and the good news that we are not alone."

Discipleship Ministries Worship Planning Notes 
These are not specific for virtual or at-home, but can be adapted for your context. 

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