Updated: Pension and Health Billing Delayed

February 28, 2019

Updated 3/11/2019
The updating and conversion of the new Benefits software is complete.  Invoices are being mailed the week of March 11 and for those in automatic drafts, the drafts are also  hitting bank accounts on a staggered basis over the next two weeks.  Look for a letter in the invoice packages that explains what occurred.  If you have questions, please direct to Treasury Services.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience.

Updated 2/28/2019
Due to a major software conversion process that started in late 2018, the Benefits billing system for pensions and insurance has been delayed due to the enormous process involved.  We have hired additional temporary help to move this process along and Treasury Services staff is working overtime.  It is our plan that January and February billings will be released very soon with the March billing.  We will extend deadlines for such payments to March 31.  Please bear with us in patience and understanding while we work to make this improvement.
No benefits are in danger of being loss due to this transition process.  You may continue to file claims as normal.

In the Conference’s further work to update and convert our software systems, the January and February billings for Health Premiums and Pensions are delayed.  We hope to have billing statements ready as soon as possible.  We ask for your patience during this important transition.