Payroll Protection Program Update

June 17, 2020

The Payroll Protection Program has helped many of our churches in the Western North Carolina Conference.  We want to continue helping and providing guidance from our various and reputable sources.  There is much information floating around so please ensure the sources of where and what your church may obtain.
Additionally, the latest source of funding is NOT depleted as of this date.  Applications are still available from many banking institutions.  Some banks have exhausted their availability, but many others continue to funds.  Please confer with your banking institution. The deadline for the program for applications remains August 8, 2020
The following links provide information from Wespath and the General Council on Finance and Administration, both United Methodist agencies.
Finally, we offer the use of a special Excel Calculator to assist you with your forgiveness determination.  Bear in mind the SBA has yet to release a final Forgiveness Application form and once it has, we will have available as well.
Click here to download the Excel Calculator.

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