The Passions of Jesus Study is Now Available

February 5, 2020

The Passions of Jesus, a six-week, video-driven Lenten study developed by the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, is now available for download. 

Study materials are available at

From that website, you can download the files for the six videos and study guide. You can also stream the videos on YouTube, listen to a curated music playlist on Spotify and go deeper by listening to the full 15- to 30-minute conversations on our podcast, Means of Grace. (Podcast episodes will be released weekly, throughout Lent.)

As a reminder, in this study we look at the interconnectedness of Christ’s passion for us, Christ’s passion for others, and our passion reflected back, for Christ and for others. As we journey together through Lent, we will look at what scripture tells us Jesus cared about and how that impacts what and who we care about.

This study is available for free to anyone who would like to use it, so please share this with your friends!

Study Overview
Session 1: Jesus' Passion for Us with Dr. Samuel Moore and Rev. Kyle Sigmon
Session 2: Receiving Jesus' Passion for Us with Rev. Michael Carr, Rev. Stacey Lundy and Rev. Sally Queen
Session 3: Our Passion for Jesus with Rev. Susan Heafner-Heun, Rev. Chris Hughes and Rev. Susan Suarez-Webster
Session 4: Sharing Your Passion for Jesus with Rev. Ben Gatton, Dr. Stephanie Moore Hand and Rev. Josh Kurtz
Session 5: Jesus' Passion for Others with Rev. Susan Heafner-Heun and Rev. Joel Simpson
Session 6: Embodying Jesus' Passion for Others with Rev. Ben Carson and Rev. Karen Doucette