Means of Grace: Welcoming Prayer Guided Meditation

March 31, 2020

Welcoming Prayer Guided Meditation - Episode No. 19

In this meditation, Rev. Ashley Pickerel Thomas leads the Welcoming Prayer, created by Mary Mrozowski.  According to Contemplative Outreach, the Welcoming Prayer is a method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. The purpose of the Welcoming Prayer is to deepen our relationship with God through consenting in the ordinary activities of our day.

Show Notes - Episode 19

Read the full prayer here:

Ashley Thomas is an ordained elder in the Western North Carolina Conference, currently serving in two ministry capacities:

The first is as a clergy coach with Passion In Partnership. In this role she has the opportunity to invest and work with clergy across several different conferences, largely in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, helping to cultivate life-long fruitful ministry and resilient leaders. 

Additionally, she serves as the Missioner for School of the Spirit, a contemplative practice-based spiritual formation experience for clergy and lay ministry professionals. In this role she is a storyteller and advocate of the transformative nature of this program and is currently developing second-mile mentoring for alumni, helping contemplative spiritual formation practices take root in the local church. 

In her favorite moments, you will find her either on a trip to some place new or in her flower garden at home, both of which she enjoys with her favorite person, her husband, A.J.


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