Means Of Grace: Vitality Through Storytelling

August 30, 2023

By: Rev. Kim Ingram, WNCC Director of Ministerial Services & Rev. Jesse Ennis, WNCC Leadership Team Director of Communications

Means of Grace: Vitality Through Storytelling - Episode No. 114


Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are at the heart of rural church ministry. In this episode of the Means of Grace podcast, Rev. Dr. Nicole Jones talks with Kim and Jesse about her Vitality through Storytelling initiative that is developing connections and amplifying the stories of rural churches and communities. The learning from her Doctor of Ministry isn’t limited to rural churches. As Nicole said, stories bring “shared delight” to those who participate and the ones who hear and watch the stories.


Show Notes:

The Vitality Through Storytelling Project was initiated through the generosity and support ofThe Duke EndowmentDuke Divinity School, The Parish Ministry Fund, The Smoky Mountain District of the Western North Carolina Conference, and the Ormond Center

Vitality Through Storytelling Facebook Page   

Email address to connect with Nicole: 

Vitality Through Storytelling Website

VItality Through Storytelling YouTube Channel The VTS team can come to churches to provide a film screening with guided table conversations following the film. For the "Invitation" premiere the evening included a church dinner, film screening, Q&A panel with the principles of the film, and guided table conversation with table stewards facilitating.

Link to Anna's Books, one of the story projects that are now in pre-production.

The Gospel in Black and White produced by Rev. D'Andre Ash and funded through the generosity of the Foundation for Evangelism

Nicole Jones talking about her DMin project: Vitality Through Storytelling on the Ormond Center website. (scroll to the fourth video) 

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