Means of Grace: The Church and Rural Food Systems

January 26, 2021

The Church and Rural Food Systems - Episode No. 47

This week's episode is about rural food systems and how churches can make an impact on our communities in economic and environmental ways. Luke Edwards talks with Jaimie McGirt of Resourceful Communities which focuses on environmental stewardship, social justice and sustainable economic development across rural NC. He also talks with Bob Sturge, Pastor of Mill Grove UMC in Midland, NC where he and his congregation have been encouraging the missional and evangelistic impact of predominantly rural congregations by partnering with local farmers to provide beef for neighboring food ministries and dinner churches. 

Show Notes - Episode No. 47

Learn more about Resourceful Communities here.
For more information about their grants you can reach out to Jaimie McGirt  at
You can find more information about My Father's Cows here.

Transcript of this week's episode.

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