Means of Grace: Square Breathing Practice with Dr. Melanie Dobson

May 18, 2021

Square Breathing Practice with Dr. Melanie Dobson - Episode No. 62

In this time of stress and burnout, Dr. Melanie Dobson guides us through the Square Breathing Practice. It’s been proven to lower heart rate, de-stress and shift mental state …within just two minutes. We hope these meditations allow you to pause and take a breath as the world begins to reopen.

Melanie is an ordained elder in the Western North Carolina Conference and an associate professor of Methodist Studies at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC. She is also a registered yoga teacher, teaching yoga at churches, in retreat settings, and for cancer survivors. She enjoys hiking, cycling, cooking, and being outdoors. She is a single mom to one son, Elijah.

Means of Grace will be transitioning to episodes twice a month for the summer and we hope you’ll continue to follow along. We’ll be back on June 1 with a new episode. Have any story ideas or topics you would like us to cover? Send a note to Melissa McGill, WNCC Director of Communications


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