Means of Grace: Renegade Ministry

August 5, 2020

In this episode, Rev. Kim Ingram talks with Rev. Scott Osterberg.  Growing up in a non-church going family in Texas, he never thought he’d be a minister when he headed to Duke for seminary.  His life and journey in ministry have presented challenges and devastating loss.  Eight years ago, Scott’s renegade spirit led him to start New Story Church in Winston-Salem. Through all of these experiences, Scott has learned about leadership, service, and faith. Sometimes the hard way. In this episode of Means of Grace, we hear Scott’s story and discover how we can become renegades in ministry too.

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You can find information about Renegade Ministry – the book, podcast, and other ways to connect – at The WNCC Resource Center carries Scott’s book and reopened on August 1. Or you can find it on Amazon.
Kim mentions the A Bit of Optimism Podcast with Simon Sinek and Jenna Arnold which you can listen to on Youtube.