Means of Grace: Journey to Wholeness Using the Enneagram and Contemplative Prayer

March 2, 2021

Journey to Wholeness - Episode No. 52

In this week's episode, host Kim Ingram shares an intimate conversation with Rev. Jill Smith. Jill has been a church pastor for 20 years and last summer embarked on a new journey that she calls Flourishing Souls. Her ministry uses contemplative prayer for a deeper connection to God and the Enneagram for self-awareness. The conversation covers both. Jill loves dogs (they have two collies), dark coffee, world travel, and deep conversations.

Show Notes - Episode No. 52

Jill’s website: Flourishing Souls

More on Richard Rohr: Center for Action and Contemplation

The Healing Time Poem

Download the transcript for this week's episode. 

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