Means of Grace: Developing a Ministry of Reconciliation in Your Context

February 9, 2021

Developing a Ministry of Reconciliation in Your Context - Episode No. 49

Rev. Kim Ingram talks with Deborah Daniels and Cindy Thompson, active lay leaders in Western North Carolina Conference about the ways they have been involved with ministries of reconciliation, specifically related to racial reconciliation. Cindy and Deborah reflect on their experiences and highlight ways leaders and churches can participate in reconciliation in their congregations and communities. 

Show Notes - Episode No. 49

Mt. Tabor UMC Response to Racial Injustice: Racial Injustice | church (

Racial Healing Workshop: Racial Healing and the Gospel of Reconciliation: A Workshop on the Ministry of Reconciliation (

Brene’ Brown podcasts: Podcasts | Brené Brown (

David Brubaker Pandemic, Racial Reckoning, Political Violence, and Congregations — Congregational Consulting Group

Churches in predominantly Black communities can play a key role in vaccinating against COVID-19 | Faith and Leadership

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