Means of Grace: Creating Space and Connection with Rev. Brandon Lazarus

January 12, 2021

Creating Space and Connection with Brandon Lazarus - Episode No. 45

In this episode, Melissa McGill talks with Rev. Brandon Lazarus, an ordained elder in our Conference and the Director of the LEAD conference. Learn more about Brandon’s story, the role LEAD has played in his life and ministry and how you can get involved in this creative community. LEAD creates space for Christian leaders to be vulnerable and courageous, connects them around their hopes for the future, and equips them to bring those hopes into reality.


Show Notes - Episode No. 45

LEAD 2021 will take place online January 25-26 and will feature 14 speakers and leaders who will offer stories of how they’ve led through these unprecedented times. 

In addition to the talks there will be breakouts, networking opportunities, opening mixers, fun social activities, and more. WNCC Clergy Rev. Sarah Howell-Miller is a speaker this year. Sarah’s talk: God Loves People Who Use Drugs. Harm Reduction is a form of beloved community. Your church can dismantle stigma and support lifesaving work by and for people who use drugs. To learn more, visit

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