Means of Grace: Celebrating Juneteenth in Western North Carolina

June 15, 2021

Celebrating Juneteenth in Western North Carolina - Episode No. 64

Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram talk with persons from two different communities who are celebrating Juneteenth for the first time. D’Andre Ash is helping to coordinate the Smoky Mountain District celebration at Lake Junaluska and Lakeysha Medlin and Bruce Handy share the plans for celebrating in Marshville.  Learn more about Juneteenth and ways you can celebrate!

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Show Notes - Episode 64:

Western North Carolina Juneteenth Celebrations: 
WNC church/district sponsored Juneteenth events
Town of Marshville - Juneteenth | Facebook
Marshville Juneteenth event
JUNETEENTH Freedom Celebration at Lake Junaluska (

Discipleship Ministries | Juneteenth Day Worship Resources (

Beyond the Books Facebook page
Beyond the Books reading guide

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