Means of Grace: Q&A with Bishop Ken Carter

October 12, 2021

Q&A with Bishop Ken Carter - Episode No. 72

In this episode, Director of Communications Melissa McGill talks to Bishop Ken Carter about leading the Church in this season, his own calling, his encouragement for church leaders, how he takes his coffee and much more.
Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. is the resident bishop of the Western North Carolina and Florida Conferences of the United Methodist Church. Along with the Cabinets, he gives pastoral and administrative leadership to more than 1800 congregations, fresh expressions of church, campus ministries, and outreach initiatives in an episcopal area that stretches between the two conferences  Learn more about Bishop Carter.

Show Notes - Episode 72

In his first video message to the Western North Carolina Conference, Bishop Carter outlines the four values discussed in this episode.
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The Bishop’s favorite book Cave, Refectory, Road: Monastic Rhythms for Contemporary Living by Ian Adams

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