Lake Junaluska Board of Directors releases Statement on Racism

November 29, 2017

At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of Lake Junaluska Assembly, a statement was released regarding historical racism at the conference and retreat center:

Statement on Racism
Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc.
Board of Trustees

Lake Junaluska was established by people of the Christian faith more than 100 years ago and has continued to be led by followers of Jesus Christ throughout its history. People of the Christian faith believe in a God of love. Not only do Christians believe that we are loved by God but that we are to love our fellow human beings; we are to love ALL of God’s children.

Lake Junaluska has not shown love or even acceptance of some of God’s children during some of its 104 year history. In particular, people of color, specifically African Americans, were not loved or even welcomed during a significant part of our history. As we reflect on this history, it is clear that Lake Junaluska not only allowed individuals in the majority culture to participate in racist behaviors but the organization itself created and maintained restrictions, written and unwritten, that were racist. As leaders of Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc. in 2017, we acknowledge this failure to do as we have been called by God to do; to love ALL of God’s children. For this we repent.

As evidenced by recent events in our nation, state, and in our own county, racism continues to be present. While Lake Junaluska has made progress in addressing institutionalized racism, we commit to being diligent in identifying any forms of racism that exist and to implement actions to eliminate it.  We commit to do the following:
  • Determine what changes can be made to attract more people of color to work and live at Lake Junaluska,
  • Confirm that the seeking and hiring of staff includes processes that increase the probability of hiring qualified persons of color,
  • Include a statement in the Human Resources Policy Manual that racism will not be tolerated by persons employed at Lake Junaluska, and
  • Confirm that the training and orientation of staff includes a focus on behaviors that clearly welcome ALL as well as educating staff on behaviors that will not be tolerated,

As leaders of Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc. and followers of Jesus Christ we commit to loving ALL of God’s children.

Board of Trustees
Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc.