Is The United Methodist Church Really...? Series

February 2, 2023


Is The UMC Really...? Series by Ask The UMC

As members of The United Methodist Church debate the church's stance on human sexuality, some congregations are considering whether they wish to leave the denomination. During this challenging time, misinformation about the church's official positions, how a church can exit, and what the future holds is causing added stress for many. Ask The UMC has created this series of FAQs designed to help dispel false information and provide accurate answers to the questions we are receiving.

Part 1: Disaffiliation Process & Addressing Misinformation & Misperceptions

This is the first in a series of articles to address misperceptions and misinformation about the future of The United Methodist Church and the process of disaffiliating from it. 

Part 2: Addressing Misinformation About Policies of The UMC Regarding Human Sexuality

Ask The UMC responds to misinformation being spread about the policies of The United Methodist Church regarding human sexuality and whether they have changed or will soon be changed. 

Part 3: Misconceptions About Disaffiliation

The third in a series of articles to address misperceptions and misinformation about disaffiliation and The United Methodist Church.

Part 4: Answering Questions, Addressing Misconceptions, & Countering Misinformation Around Disaffiliation

Ask The UMC continues to answer questions, address misperceptions, and counter misinformation about The United Methodist Church and the process of disaffiliation from it. 

Part 5: Do We Have to Choose Between The UMC & The GMC?

Do we have to choose between The UMC and the GMC? What happens if an elected delegate disaffiliates?

Part 6: The Effects of Disaffiliation Including Property Retention & Legal Counsel

We respond to more of your questions about The United Methodist Church, disaffiliation, and the effects of disaffiliation including property retention and legal counsel.


Part 7: Boy Scout Settlement, What Retired Clergy Do If Their Church Disaffiliates, & Variations in Disaffiliation Processes From Conference to Conference

We address matters related to the Boy Scout settlement, variations in disaffiliation policies from conference to conference, and what retired clergy need to do if the congregation in which they are active disaffiliates.

Part 8: Explaining Paragraph 2553

We explain why Paragraph 2553 does not apply in central conferences and describe extended or supplemental disaffiliation policies in four US conferences.

Part 9: Future of Paragraph 2553, Clergy Appointment Information, and An Explanation of the Disaffiliation Process in Two Conferences

We discuss the future of Paragraph 2553 after its expiration at the end of 2023, two conferences where disaffiliation is no longer possible under Paragraph 2553, and whether non-disaffiliating clergy currently appointed to churches that disaffiliate will be immediately appointed elsewhere upon the church's disaffiliation.

Part 10: Re-Voting, Seminaries, Same-Sex Weddings, and Critical Race Theory

This is the tenth of a series of articles offering factual responses to questions we are receiving. This article addresses whether a re-vote on disaffiliation is allowed, whether United Methodist seminaries teach doctrines contrary to those of The United Methodist Church, whether local churches will be compelled to host same-sex weddings, and whether The United Methodist Church endorses critical race theory.

Part 11: Process of Voting on a Motion to Disaffiliate

Part 11 of the series answers questions about the process of voting on a motion to disaffiliate at a called church conference.