Interpreter Magazine says goodbye - WNC featured in final issue

November 29, 2017

By Diane Degnan
November-December 2017

For nearly five decades, the multi-award winning Interpreter magazine has been a primary source of inspiration and information for United Methodist church leaders. With this issue, the magazine goes the way of LIFEPopular PhotographyMademoiselle and National Lampoon as it ceases publication.


Looking back over the years, change has been one of the periodical's hallmarks.

When the Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church united in 1968, each had its own program journal — Spotlight and The Methodist Story. The 1968 Uniting Conference decreed that there should be "a free program journal for pastors and local church leaders." In May 1968, the two journals became one.

"With this issue, the United Methodist Church unveils the new program journal — the first merged publication in the new church. ... You hold in your hand the first issue of Methodist Story-Spotlight. Its purpose is the same as its predecessors: to help you do your job in your church."


in the final edition of The Interpreter, three persons from the Western North Carolina Conference were featured in an article: