Important Active Health Plan Network News

June 27, 2019

We are pleased to offer the Cigna network for our Active Health Plan.  Cigna is a national network brand that will add value and multiple offerings for healthcare coverage.  As we transition July 1, please be aware of the following:

ID Cards: Please dispose of your old ID card as soon as you receive your new ID card in the mail. Otherwise, you WILL have issues with providing the old ID cards and claims being denied. If you do not receive your ID card by 7/1, you may pull a digital copy of your new Cigna card off the Member Portal at to use in the meantime.

Cigna network vs. Healthgram administration: DO NOT HAVE PROVIDERS CONTACT CIGNA for coverage. We continue to have verification for benefits/eligibility via Healthgram. The new ID cards clearly state the contact information for benefits and eligibility verification. Cigna is only the network.

Precertification: You MUST call Healthgram (Not Cigna) before any upcoming medical procedure to confirm precertification.

The Cigna network impacts ONLY the Active Plan, not the Retiree Plan 


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