Hurricane Sally Response

September 25, 2020

This past weekend the WNC Conference delivered about 400 UMCOR Cleaning Kits to Dauphin Island, Alabama to fill a shortage of buckets caused by other recent hurricanes. 

“The community of Dauphin Island was heavily impacted as Hurricane Sally made landfall early last week. I delivered the buckets to Dauphin Island United Methodist Church (DIUMC), which served as a vital community distribution point in the days following the storm. The  majority of the island was without power until early Saturday morning (9/19). DIUMC served as a source of hope for the impacted community distributing several hundred tarps and cleaning kits, bottled water, fresh fruits and vegetables, fuel, and many other items. Church members prepared hot meals twice a day serving close to 800 meals in just the two days I was there. It was a beautiful representation of one of John Wesley’s famous quotes. Dauphin Island UMC did all the good they could, in all the ways they could, in every place they could, all the time they could, and are going to continue doing so as long as they can. Check out their Facebook page ( as they continue to love their neighbors in the midst of a disaster. - Ben Rogers, WNCC CDRC”

There is still a lot of work to be done in the recovery process of Hurricane Sally. If you are an ERT Team Leader and have a team that is ready and able to assist in Louisiana, Florida, or Alabama, see the ERT Deployment section to get connected.

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