Healthcare Network Change

June 6, 2019

Dear Active Clergy and family,
The goal of our benefits program is to provide exceptional healthcare for participants.  The Health Benefits Committee wants care to be cost effective and of the highest value to our clergy and their families. We have worked diligently to evaluate network options that offer the most flexibility and highest level of convenience for you and your family members.  
Effective July 1, 2019, the Western North Carolina Conference Active Health Plan will shift to using the Cigna Network.  The Cigna Network accomplishes the goal of providing access to the highest value doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals.  Please do note that while the Cigna Network will bring you the best possible provider options, your benefits will still be administered through Healthgram, not through Cigna. The Conference group health plan will not be utilizing the Cigna Dental network, only the medical network. Dental options do not change.
It is easy to find a doctor in-network and to check if your current doctor will remain in-network. Cigna is a national network and Healthgram anticipates little to no disruption. Additionally, our previous network was limited to western North Carolina.  Cigna is national in scope and now includes the Durham/Chapel Hill hospitals among others.
To find an in-network doctor, start by going to

  • From there, select “FIND A DOCTOR, Dentist or Facility”. 
  • Under: Not a Cigna Customer Yet? Click on “PLANS THROUGH YOUR EMPLOYER OR SCHOOL.” 
  • Check Search Location; Select “PPO, Choice Fund PPO” as your plan selection and proceed to the search tool. 
  • Additionally, you can call Healthgram (1-800-550-6214) directly to verify if your provider will remain in-network.
  • You can also go to www.healthgram.comClick Member, then Find a Doctor, then select the Cigna network. Check the search location, select the PPO, Choice Fund PPO and proceed to the search tool. 
You will be receiving a new ID card with the Cigna Network logo. Please be sure to present a copy of this new ID card to your current providers for record purposes.
You and your providers will continue to contact Healthgram for all questions or to obtain pre-certification at the following number: (1-800-550-6214). DO NOT HAVE PROVIDERS CONTACT CIGNA DIRECTLY.  
R. Mark King                              

Dale C. Bryant
Benefits Administrator