Health benefits rates for 2021

September 2, 2020

The Health Benefits Committee recommended and the Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits approved the Health rates for Active and Retiree Health plans for 2021. 
In addition to the rate changes, the Active Health Plans will have new names for 2021.  The Basic Plan is now called Plan 6000 due to the maximum out of pocket expenses being $6,000.  It will increase for all ranges of premiums by 3%.  The Basic Plus Plan is now called Plan 4000 again due to maximum out of pocket and will increase 9%.  The HSA Plan is now called Plan 5500 HSA and it will increase by 3%.  There is no pricing distinction between the plans for what is charged to the churches.  Clergy who opt for the Plan 4000 plan (formerly Basic Plus) pay the difference in premium costs.  For those on the Plan 4000 (Basic Plus), a letter is being sent out from Dr. Mark King to address the increased pricing for this plan.
Coverages and benefits remain unchanged.  The HSA Plan, Plan 5500 HSA, continues to offer a reduced cost share for the clergy contribution as well as seeding funds to the HSA accounts used by the participants. 

The Retiree Plan will be shifting from a self-funded arrangement managed by Healthgram to a fully insured Medicare Advantage Plan with Humana.  There will be additional benefits such as Pharmaceutical prescription coverage.   There will be NO changes in the premiums charged.  Information is being sent out over the course of the next few months to prepare for this transition. 
For questions, please contact Conference Treasurer Mark King ( or 704-714-2323) or Dale Bryant, Benefits Administrator (704-714-2332 or

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