Date Announced for the 2020 Clergy Session of the Western North Carolina Conference

May 14, 2020

The clergy session of the Western North Carolina Conference will be held virtually this year using the Zoom platform on Thursday, June 18 at 7:00 p.m. This is the same date on which it was originally scheduled.
Business Questions of the Annual Conference (BAC) will be emailed to clergy a week prior to the meeting for review.  We will only consider the items that require a vote. In addition, the elders will elect chair of the order of elders for the next quadrennium and the deacons will elect the chair of the order of deacons.
All WNC clergy are invited to the meeting.  Only clergy in full connection are able to vote.  Registration will be required in advance of the meeting.
In order to vote, clergy in full connection will need to access Zoom through video conferencing on a computer, tablet, or through the Zoom app on your phone.  Other clergy can access the meeting through Zoom video conferencing (computer, phone, or tablet) or through a phone call.
Registration details will be forthcoming by May 31.  Once registered, you will receive details about how to join.  There will be tutorials on using Zoom on the Annual Conference website  
All future communication about the clergy session will be sent to clergy via email. Clergypersons who did not also receive this information in their email, are asked to verify their email address with their district office

Information is also available at

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