Clergy Health Initiative

October 29, 2019

By: Duke Clergy Health Initiative

The Clergy Health Statewide Survey is the only one of its kind that captures repeated snapshots of clergy well-being in a holistic way. It’s been three years since the last survey, and so much has happened in those years – from changes in US politics, to technology use, to GC19, to personal circumstances. Now more than ever, denominational officials are listening to data-driven findings as they consider their next steps as leaders.
You and the other UMC clergy in North Carolina have the ear of denominational officials all over the country. In 2019 alone, the Clergy Health Initiative has presented or will present findings from your data to:
·       the Great Plains UMC
·       the Arlington and Alexandria Districts of the UMC
·       the Appalachian District here in NC
·       leaders of the American Baptists
·       the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Georgia
·       the Seventh Day Adventists.
In 2018, your survey data led to the cover story of the Christian Century on clergy burnout (which fortunately isn’t as bad as some think). And we hear all the time that your data are informing decisions that affect hundreds of clergy.
Why do denominational officials look to North Carolina UMC clergy?  Because the survey content is unique, and because of its high response rate. Last time in 2016, the response rate was 73%. Right now, we are only at 60%. Unless we approach 70%, clergy leaders will put less stock in the findings and likely do less to bolster clergy well-being.
The survey closes for good on November 11. You can find your survey link by searching your email inbox for: “Clergy Health Survey”, or you can email and they will send your individualized link to you.
Please consider sharing your voice and creating a reverberation of clergy voices that can be heard and followed. The Clergy Health Initiative promises to keep spreading the word far and wide, and also here at home.  Your work is too important not to.