Celebrating 70 years of The Advance: God's love at work in social justice

February 1, 2018

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that whatever we do for "the least of these" we do for God. For 70 years, since 1948, The Advance has given United Methodists and their predecessors the opportunity to serve those who are "the least" in the world's eyes — the marginalized, the poor and the disadvantaged.

The Mission for Migrant Workers (Advance #14241A) is one of many Advance projects devoted to justice for those who find themselves oppressed by power structures in which they have no voice. MFMW is a beacon of hope in the often isolating and abusive life of migrant domestic workers throughout the world, offering a safe haven for women and children seeking refuge and mediation.

MFMW has a presence in Hong Kong. Some 300,000 migrant workers, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia, work in conditions that are often degrading or even life threatening. MFMW serves as a lifeline, assuring workers they are not alone in their struggle. Along with serving migrant workers, MFMW reaches out to employers, many of whom are Christian, helping them to see their responsibilities and duties. Read more about the Mission for Migrant Workers' work in Hong Kong here.

Social justice is just one of many areas in which The Advance brings God's love to every corner of the world. More than 300 United Methodist missionaries and over 600 United Methodist-related projects make an impact in these areas: disaster response and recovery, economic empowerment, education, evangelism and church growth, food and agriculture, health, migration, mission personnel, water and sanitation, and women and children.

2018 marks 70 years that The Advance has provided a conduit for United Methodists and their predecessors to bring their generosity to bear on the world in the name of Christ. Join us in celebrating!

In mission,

Thomas Kemper
General Secretary
General Board of Global Ministries