Carolinas Black Clergy Retreat Scheduled for August

June 16, 2020

Who knew that when we began planning this event in early 2019 and gave it the theme "CROSSROADS: Where Faith and Innovation Meet" that we would be living in that reality as we have for the past few months due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Well, God knew, but we surely had no clue! 
It has been a roller coaster, but you've held on!  Now we are living with two pandemics—COVID19 and racism.  There is a lot going on all at once, but God is up to something.  I believe that change is coming and God wants to use us to make a difference.
Now it’s time to step back, take a breath—restrelaxreflectrefocusrecharge, and reimagine your life and ministry in a setting of support with your colleagues, bishops, and others who want to support you as you support and care for others.  
Our Leaders and Presenters:
Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, Bishop Hope Ward, Bishop Paul Leeland
Rev. Dr. Joe Daniels, Keynote Speaker, The Power of Godly Vision
Rev. Dr. Henry Masters, Editor—By Faith Magazine
Rev. Regina Henderson Moore, Resourcing/Funding Your Vision
Rev. James L. Friday, Current Realities & Mission Possibilities
Rev. Michael McBride, Director of Urban Strategies & LIVE FREE Campaign

Registration Online Now!!

If you have questions or need additional information please contact:
Rev. Millie Nelson Smith, Congregational Specialist
African American Ministries/Columbia District/Hartsville District
South Carolina Conference, The United Methodist Church
4908 Colonial Drive, Suite 101
Columbia, South Carolina  29203
Office:  (803) 735-8797  Mobile:  (803) 960-5733   Fax:  (803) 399-9951