Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the WNCC 2021: Special Recognition and Membership Drive

February 9, 2021

By: Roland T Barnhardt, Executive Director

The WNCC annually approves the third Sunday in February (or other times deemed more suitable) for special recognition of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood. The interest and support of local churches, organizations, and individual members is deeply appreciated and vital since this Affiliated Ministry is entirely self-funded.

Beneficiary membership is open to full members, associate members, and local pastors in good standing with the WNCC. Laity who support this ministry are celebrated as honorary members. So far this Conference year, the Brotherhood/Sisterhood has served the families of our 12 clergy members who have died: Jerry D. Murray, Floyd J. Wood, C. Clay Manning, Lawrence E. Barden, Robert L. Cauble, Gregory K. Collins, Theodore A. Powell, J. Patrick Heafner, William N. Blanton, Jr., Kenneth M. Johnson, Raymond J. Hahn, and T. Ray Branton. We have provided the sum total of $108,612 in benefits to their families.

The Brotherhood/Sisterhood is governed by the Annual Meeting, where laity and clergy members are entitled to voice and vote, and by our Board of Directors. The standard death benefit is $10,000. The clergy assessment rate per death is $15. Laity are encouraged to contribute $6 or more per death. Bequests and memorial gifts are always welcome.

Additional information about membership and giving is available on our website ( You may also contact us more personally via email ( and phone (704-825-1333).

With the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, let us continue to affirm our clergy and their families. Thank you for extending your faith, hope, and love to them as you help sustain this special ministry that was founded in 1894!

-Roland T Barnhardt, Executive Director