AC2021 Offering Report: Thank you for giving generously!

July 28, 2021

Thanks to your generosity, we have received a total of $37,869.44 for the Annual Conference 2021 Offering in honor of Bishop Paul L. and Janet Leeland.  The offering will be evenly divided between the Northern Haiti Mission Connection (Partners 4 New Hope) and UMAR with a gift of $18,934.72 to each. Thank you for supporting the mission of these important ministries!

The Northern Haiti Mission Connection partnership supports the work and ministry of Dr. Eugene Maklin and New Hope Hospital.  Working with local Haiti leaders, collaborating partners place an emphasis on education, microlending, healthcare and clean water initiatives in Northern Haiti.  

UMAR, a ministry founded here in Western North Carolina, promotes community inclusion, independence and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential, employment and cultural enrichment opportunities.