A Message from the Committee on Relief

March 11, 2020

By: WNCC Committee on Relief

As we have watched and prayed for those across the world that have been affected by COVID-19, we face the realization that we must be more diligent in our efforts to prepare and mitigate the effects of this virus in our local communities. As a church, our first call is to respond and care for those around us, while also making sure we do not put our parishioners at risk. 

In times of crisis, the most powerful tool is knowledge. As leaders across the conference we must make it our job to be as educated as we can on the situation surrounding us. There is lots of information circulating the internet, much of it being accurate while some of it is not fully vetted. I urge you to be diligent in your search for information and to be mindful when spreading that information. 

There are many steps and practices that can be taken to limit the risk of exposure not just to COVID-19 but to all viruses. Posting important information around your church office, common gathering spots, bathrooms, and other highly trafficked areas of your church is a great way to spread awareness and proper hygiene practices.

Along with this brochure of COVID-19 information, provide adequate resources to promote these practices, such as hand sanitizer, tissues, disinfecting wipes and sprays, etc., throughout the church.

As the situation continues to develop, we will update the Committee on Relief page with news and resources. 

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