An invitation to attend CCDA in Detroit

September 8, 2017

The WNCC is becoming a leader in missional efforts, as evidenced by the Missional Wisdom Foundation eastern hub affiliating with our conference, the new partnership with Fresh Expressions, and in piloting the Missions 3.0 Peer Learning Group. While these are important pieces to helping our local churches adapt to meet the needs of a changing world, we believe that a critical piece is missing. All studies show that by 2040 ethnic minorities will comprise the majority of the US population. It is the vitality of ethnic minority and multiethnic communities that will lead the future of the church in the West and beyond.

The Justice and Reconciliation (J&R) Team seeks to amplify this reality through a concerted effort toward organizing and promoting the missional ministry of under-resourced, ethnic minority, and ethnically diverse congregations and communities. Of the many models of such missional ministry, we believe that the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is a valuable partner that could help begin to fill this gap within the WNCC. For the past 25 years, CCDA and 1,000 associated organizations have been pursuing a common vision to see under-resourced communities holistically restored with Christians and the local church fully engaged in the process of transformation.

In pursuing this vision, Christian Community Development practitioners have distilled the philosophy into 8 Key Components. John Perkins, African American missionary, civil rights icon and founder of CCDA, articulated the “three R’s” of Christian community development: relocation, reconciliation and redistribution. Since Perkins’ early strategy, CCDA has added to these: local/indigenous leadership development, empowerment, holistic approach, church-based, and listening to the community.

The J&R Team is sending a delegation of clergy and laity to CCDA’s national conference in Detroit, MI on Oct. 4-7, 2017. Video with more info about the CCDA national conference. The J&R Team invites persons who currently or who desire to serve in under-resourced, ethnic minority or multi-ethnic communities to apply to join the delegation attending the conference in October. Travel, lodging and registration are being paid by the J&R Team. Limited space is available. Please apply by Friday, September 15 to answering the following questions:

1) Your name and the name of the organization/local church in which you serve.

2) Describe the demographics of the community surrounding your organization/local church.

3) Describe a vision of your community being fully restored.

4) Describe your sense of call to organize the local church with people in your community to lead toward your community’s restoration.

Rev. Brandon Wrencher, MDiv.
ThM ’18, Duke Divinity School
Pastor, Greensboro New Faith Community
M: 910-603-0199
WNCC Justice and Reconciliation Team Co-Vice-Chair

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