An invitation from Bishop Paul L. Leeland regarding the appointment process

March 23, 2017

Dear friends: March 28-31, 2017, will begin the process where pastoral appointments are made for the Western North Carolina Conference.  Much of this conversation and work will be instigated by the 50 plus retirements that we have received as of this date, leaving a large number of churches without pastoral leadership.  As members of the PPR/SPRC Committee in your church, I want to invite you to link into a video that will express some of my thoughts related to the work of identifying and appointing clergy to our congregations.  In a sense, I will step out of the appointment making process to address the work we are doing and to invite your prayers of intercession  and support for all our congregations. Beginning Tuesday, March 28th at 8:00 AM, you may visit the Conference Website and view the video entitled, "Bishop Leeland Speaks of the Appointment Process."  Hopefully, this will allow all members of the PPR/SPRC Committees to receive the same information as we invite you to pray for our district superintendents, for me, as your Bishop, and for our churches. Thank you for your willingness to serve your local congregation as a member of this committee; thank you for your consultation responses in the months preceding our work; and thank you for your prayers for all our churches and pastors. May we begin by praying, Christ, our Lord, in Your light, may we see light. Paul L. Leeland, Ed.D. Resident Bishop Western North Carolina Conference The United Methodist Church 3400 Shamrock Drive PO Box 18005 Charlotte,  NC 28218 (704) 714-2324