Praying Our Way Forward- February 25

February 25, 2017

Our Father and our God, we come before you in the name of our big brother, Jesus, Lord and Savior of our lives! You have bid us to come unto you all who are weary and burdened and we shall find rest. You’ve also invited us to come boldly before the throne of grace that we may find help and mercy in our time of need. Father, this is one those times, even as the world needs you, we find the Church needing you just as much. Forgive our complacency at times when we should be shining forth your light into dark places brighter than it’s ever shined before, because it is in your light that everything melts away except the pure Glory of our God. This is the place where we’re drawn closest to you as we experience your love and we pray for this sacred space for the Commission on the Way Forward as they share together, deliberate together, cry together and smile through their tears together on behalf of the whole Church. May they feel our love for them and your love for them through us that Christ may dwell in each of their hearts by faith and as they are rooted and grounded in love they may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, depth, and height; and that they may be assured of the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that they might be filled with the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3: 17-19). Guide them we pray with your loving eye and righteous hand in their decision making on our behalf that we may give you glory praise and honor all the days of our lives through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

Pamela Shoffner