Praying Our Way Forward- February 24

February 24, 2017

God of Hope, We acknowledge that when we think of the future of The United Methodist Church, we too often despair. We despair because we do not see a way forward that keeps us near our brothers and sisters. We despair because we see division instead of unity. We have lost our ability to read your Scriptures and come to a common understanding of how it is that we are to live and witness in response to Your sacrificial love. We sense that we are adrift on raft that is being torn in two by the wind and current of this world; instead of being held together by the bindings of your Holy Spirit. We come together to pray for our beloved United Methodist Church and the Bishop’s Commission on a Way Forward. We pray that the commission finds unity in the presence of your Holy Spirit. We pray they discover The Way Forward that puts United Methodism back on the path you have charted for us. For we desire that our church is once again the strong life boat that invites all people to find salvation in you through the witness of your people called Methodist. Lord in this season turn our despair into hope! Amen.

Burt Williams