Joyful Giving Group offers 25 congregations coaching opportunity

May 23, 2017

Grow in Generosity This Year!

Would you like to grow in generosity this year, both as an individual, and as a church? Would you like to cultivate a mindset and congregation that is more generous?  Would you like to deepen your understanding and practice of generosity as part of discipleship?  What difference can be made in and through you, as an individual and as a church, by growing in your capacity to give? In partnership with Joyful Giving Group LLC and under a grant from The Duke Endowment, we are pleased to offer an opportunity for 25 congregations around the WNCC to participate in a year-long coaching and training course to deepen their understanding and practice of generosity, from July 2017 – June 2018. Who is facilitating the course? The program is led by Rev. A.J. Thomas, Founder of Joyful Giving Group LLC.  A.J. is an elder in the WNCC, and he is appointed to Joyful Giving Group as extension ministry. He is a practiced believer in the power of generosity to transform individual lives, congregations, and entire communities. What does the course involve? The program is an investment in both the leadership of the pastor, and in the congregation itself.  Each pastor will need to commit about 5 hours per month to coaching and training, which will take place both one-on-one and in small, regionally-based groups.  Each pastor will also receive up to five hours of planning services with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP™). Additionally, each church’s leadership team will participate in 2 training sessions with Rev. A.J. Thomas. Who may apply? The program is designed for congregations who have the desire and ability to grow in generosity, in order to expand their capacity for mission and ministry.  Applications are welcome from all churches in the WNCC. Churches who are part of a charge may apply together, if desired.  An application from a charge will be considered one application. When applying together, the church council chair of each church on the charge must sign the submitted application, in addition to the pastor. Does it cost anything? While the value of the course is $3,000 to each congregation, thanks to the grant from The Duke Endowment and the partnership of the districts of the WNCC, each participating congregation’s monetary investment is only $1,000.  Two payments each of $500 will be due in August 2017 and January 2018, allowing congregations to split the investment between two budget years. How does a church apply?
  1. Fill out the application in its entirety, which is due no later than June 30 @ 5pm. Submission instructions are on the application itself.
  2. Churches will be notified of acceptance by July 14.
Questions can be directed to Rev. A.J. Thomas at  You may learn more about the ministry of Joyful Giving Group at Download Application