News You Can Use- Communications

August 3, 2016

united-methodist-communications-logo-new-500x131Here are some tips and ideas from UM Communications:

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. While acquiring technology can be expensive, some computer tricks can save you time and money. Using technology wisely can actually help cut costs for your church. 1) Cut tree costs 2) Freebies and discounts 3) Cut communication costs 4) Don't buy books 5) Be creative

Free logos for United Methodist churches

United Methodist branding can make a real difference for your church or ministry, and United Methodist Communications offers a free service that addresses branding and logo development. Simply put, we will develop a suite of logos for your use in print and online. At no cost to you. We encourage all United Methodist entities to request this service.

Turn strangers into members and promoters of your church

USPs. KPIs. ROIs. Sometimes it seems as if we've slurped a giant bowl of alphabet soup over lunch. Like any industry, we have more than enough jargon. The buzzworthy term du jour is “inbound marketing.” Let's first look at how this marketing outreach strategy came about.

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