Brookhill Community Day sponsored by Charlotte churches

August 3, 2017

Brookhill Community Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 12th from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm, and is being sponsored by South Tryon Community United Methodist Church and Myers Park United Methodist Church. The event will celebrate the community of Brookhill Village, as churches and residents work together to build a future as promising as the neighborhood’s rich history. The event will be a neighborhood cookout to celebrate what the community can be, and will include children’s games and live music.  There will also be opportunities to hear from community leaders and local government officials. Brookhill Village is located at the intersection of South Tryon and Remount Road in Charlotte.  It is approximately 36 acres in the rapidly growing South End Area of the city.  The property has a complex structure with the land owned by one party and a land lease owned by another party. The original land lease owner built over 700 units of multifamily single-story rental homes in 1950.  The low-income homes were rented only to African Americans during our segregated past. Unfortunately, little money has been spent on maintenance of the property which has resulted in significant decay, with only about 270 units currently inhabitable. Today, there are only 369 buildings remaining on the land, 241 are occupied by 424 adults and children. The buildings are rotting and are unfit for the existing tenants.  The current low-income residents are paying a very low rental rate income adjusted from $342.00 – $676.00 per month. Brookhill residents will be unable to find alternative housing in a challenging Charlotte rental community within this price range. Key Statistics:

  • 240 Households (99%) earn less than $36,000 or 50% AMI
  • 100 Head of Households (37%) are over 55 years of age
  • 158 (66%) are Female led households
  • 111 Minor Residents or 26% of residents
  • 174 Units or 72% are 2 Bedroom
?The churches and community leaders are working together to find a solution to rebuild Brookhill that will provide new homes to the current residents and an additional 500 mix income housing units.? Please pray for the residents of Brookhill Village and join them on August 12th to support the future of that community.