United Methodist Men create endowment fund

December 8, 2016

In partnership with the United Methodist Foundation of Western North Carolina, the United Methodist Men have created an endowment fund that insures the financial viability of the conference United Methodist Men ministry. The United Methodist Men encourages everyone to have an estate plan, that is, a will or other written document to designate the distribution and/or management of one's estate in the event of death, disability or serious illness. They ask that all of their members prayerfully consider remembering the conference United Methodist Men in their estate plan, however great or small that bequest might be. All such bequests, while the donor is living or not, are treated as tax deductible to the donor. Bequests may be in cash, various investment vehicles, real estate, a vehicle, or any other asset of value. Donations may be made while the donor is living and/or upon the death of the member. Since this can be a complex transaction, all questions and requests for information should be directed to Mr. Christian Burns at the Foundation. He may be reached via email at cburns@umfwnc.org or by phone at 888/450-1956, ext. 1507. A workshop and display regarding the endowment fund will be presented at the annual conference UMM rally in April, 2017 to be hosted at The Children's Home in Winston-Salem. Meanwhile, they ask that you prayerfully discuss this opportunity to insure the future of men's ministry with your family and financial adviser. Feel free to have them contact Christian Burns at the Foundation for more information.