'A Pastor's Theology of Risk' scheduled for November 7 & 8

October 18, 2016

st-francis-springsMinistry Development Services is offering a two day retreat on November 7 and 8 at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center in Stoneville, NC . Jonathan Coppedge-Henley will be facilitating this event entitled: "A Pastor's Theology of Risk." The retreat will challenge pastors and other church leaders to expand their capacity for taking the boldest risks, for maximizing creativity, and for recognizing the difference be-tween a call and a gamble. Participants will explore their personal fears and barriers to taking risks as a first step to envisioning a theology of risk. This retreat is about releasing the greatest potential for the most creative and spiritually balanced leadership. All minis-try leadership involves some degree of risk. But it’s one thing to admire those who take heroic and holy risks, and it’s quite another to be the one called to take the risks. Cost for the retreat is $350 dollars which includes meals, lodging & registration.  Members of the Western North Carolina Conference get a reduced rate of $175 dollars, thanks to a leadership grant from Conference Leadership Development. To register, Visit www.MinistryDS.org and click on Workshops. For more information, call (704) 554-9222 or e-mail: mdvs@ministryds.org. DOWNLOAD FLYER