Primetimers Offers Mission and Education Opportunities for Older Adults

January 6, 2016

primetimersbookletcover2016Primetimers offers educational and mission service experience for older adults. Exciting 5-10 day events offer opportunities for educational forums, cross-cultural exposure, faith-filled reflection, and greater exposure to the work of The United Methodist Church and the church universal. Goals of Primetimers

  1. Provide new service and learning experiences for older persons, offering opportunities for intentional education, faith-filled reflection, and cross-cultural appreciation in the context of Christian mission.
  2. Serve the ministries of the UMC and its faith partners, creating informed interpreters of the mission and heritage of the UMC.
  3. Strengthen relationships of the local church with those with whom they are in mission, enabling interaction with grassroots efforts to address the needs of "the least of these."
Resources To register, please download the 2016 Individual Registration form below. Print and fill out the form, and return by mail (with deposit). See instructions on form for details.