Changes with the website

August 31, 2016

As of September 1st, we changed over the look of our website: You will see changes with most of our affiliated websites over the coming weeks. We have been discussing the possibilities for adopting the United Methodist Branding Toolkit as a guide for our new logo and color scheme for almost two years within the Systems & Communications Team, and the past year within the Communications Commission. This is a process that was started by United Methodist Communications over three years ago. You may have noticed that the North Carolina Conference adopted the new logo and color scheme in the past several months. This move will tie us closer to the denominational look and feel as you go to other websites across the connection. Churches and organizations can get their own set of United Methodist branded logos through UM Communications. The look of the website has adapted the same theme we used for  This new theme is flexible, more responsive to use on phones and tablets, easy to manage, and offers us some more options for using graphics and presenting pages. Links to the most used pages and resources can all be found below the slider area: News, Careers, Calendar and Media are just a simple click away. The “media” page is where you will find the regular updated features, including links to the most recent ENews, links to the most recent Conference Blog, and to the UM Connect Radio Show as well as some highlighted news and documents. There are still links to the most recent news and careers posted in the middle of the footer area.  The Facebook feed that used to be in the right hand column can be found at the bottom of the page as well. All of the same links that were on the former website can be found at the top of this website near the logo.  Icons at the top and bottom of the page can take you to our social media sites and will allow you to send a quick email to the web manager. All of the information that you found on the website before the changes is still here.  If you can’t find something, use the search box at the top of the page.