Local initiative grants available

September 6, 2016

councilOfBishopsThe Council of Bishops Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships will award three Local Initiative Grants to groups within annual conferences enacting special projects with the goal of strengthening ecumenical and/or interreligious relationships. Such projects may include building networks on a local level, among specific groups, for example young adults, and online through social media. Each grant is in the amount of $1,000. The deadline to apply is September 16, 2016. Recipients will be announced by November 18, 2016. Preference for Local Initiative Grants will be given to groups elected to lead in Christian unity and interreligious relationships. Past recipients include the Interfaith Mission Service, First United Methodist Church of Dallas, Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges Incorporated and Detroit Annual Conference CUIR with projects ranging from ecumenical racial reconciliation, interfaith worship exchanges, ecumenical curricula and certificate program in ecumenism. The 2017 Local Initiatives Grants are designed to fulfill the Council of Bishops' focus on developing ecumenical and interreligious ministry within annual conferences. These grants offer a unique opportunity for local conference groups actively leading ecumenical or interreligious programs to expand their efforts. Is your organization creating ecumenical and interreligious ministries in a local context? Apply today! For more information about the Local Initiative Grant, past grantees, and to download the 2017 application, visit: http://www.ocuir.org/local_initiatives_grants/