Enhanced Find-a-Church Features Now Available

October 21, 2015

findachurchNASHVILLE: Today’s tech-savvy seekers turn to the internet as their primary source for information. Local United Methodist churches can be prepared with an updated profile on Find-A-Church, now enhanced with easily viewed events, social media, and worship information. New Find-A-Church features include: •    GoogleMap with movable pin to exactly communicate location •    Links to social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram •    Updateable information about clergy •    Event listings for ministries in the church, including event-specific social media links; event management and registration functions are coming soon •    Calendar of information about day-to-day activities •    Optional link to Rethink Church national advertising message •    Easier formatting options for custom profile messages To make it easier to update your Find-A-Church profile, United Methodist Communications is offering a series of step-by-step tutorial videos which are available online. There are 7,500 churches that have never updated their Find-A-Church profile, and more than 10,000 churches do not have a website. In the Rio Texas Annual Conference, the Rev. Will Rice, Director of Communications and Media, is encouraging local churches to use Find-A-Church as part of a conference-wide “No Church Left Behind” digital initiative. “We want all of our churches to have vibrant, up to date websites. Not all of them do. With Find-A-Church, it is free and easy for 100% of our churches to have a presence on the web. The common branding also strengthens our United Methodist presence in our communities. When congregations get their profiles up to date, I can link to them from the church directory housed on our conference website so that each and every congregation has a chance to share about their worship services, missions and ministries,” he said. United Methodist Communications also offers web hosting services starting at just $5 per month. With 1,000 people visiting Find-A-Church each day, this service is a no-cost opportunity for increased web presence and outreach, helping to open the doors of every local church to the community.