"Until the Whole World Hears" Activity Challenge

June 8, 2015

virgin-pulse300Until the Whole World Hears! What do you think of when you hear that phrase?  Casting Crowns?  Shouting from every corner of the world?  This year’s theme of Annual Conference for the Western North Carolina Conference?  Let’s take it one “step” further – a wellness challenge for the week prior to Annual Conference! Did you know that, based on the NC Department of Transportation, there are 697 miles of interstate highways in the 46 counties of the Western North Carolina Conference?  That is a lot of itineracy!  Many of us have travelled much of that mileage in our cars, spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to our many communities in the Conference.  But…..how many of those miles can we walk in the 7 days leading up to and starting Annual Conference? Our Conference Challenge is to walk the most steps to equate to travelling that 697 miles of interstate highways covering the Western North Carolina Conference, our local world, in lifting up Jesus’ name for all to hear, singing until the whole world hears!   The Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits is providing two types of rewards – individual rewards of a $50 gift card for the top 10 walkers based on number of miles logged, and a group reward for all your efforts to equal a maximum of $10 per average mile per challenge participant to be contributed to the annual conference offering for “Missional Faith Communities and Ministries in Western North Carolina”. Let’s see how far we can go as a connected group challenge for the Western North Carolina world!!  Our challenge will run from June 12 until June 18, with all information to be uploaded no later than Friday, June 19 at 8 am.  Results will be announced at the morning plenary session of Conference on the 19th. For those enrolled, watch for an email (it may be caught in the spam filter) from personal challenges @ Virgin Pulse regarding our Conference challenge!