Your Story- An Outdoor Baptism in January

March 19, 2015

baptism-9“United Methodists may baptize by any of the modes used by Christians. Candidates or their parents have the choice of sprinkling, pouring, or immersion; and pastors and congregations should be prepared to honor requests for baptism in any of these modes. Each mode brings out part of the rich and diverse symbolism given to baptism by the Bible.” (From The United Methodist Book of Worship, Copyright 1992, The United Methodist Publishing House) Since marrying four years ago, Maddy and Cyrus Burroughs had been searching for a church family.  Their first visit to Providence UMC was “amazing” according to Maddy, who says they were touched by many points in the sermon, and found Pastor John Fitzgerald’s delivery to be open and honest. A couple came up to them immediately after the service and made them feel welcome. The couple soon decided to become part of Providence UMC.  Cyrus, a Greensboro native, joined by transfer from Trinity Memorial UMC.  A Georgia native, Maddy grew up with a strong Christian faith, but had never been baptized or joined a church. She began to discuss her baptism with Pastor John Fitzgerald and was delighted to learn that immersion is an accepted mode of baptism in the United Methodist Church. “When I expressed my preference for immersion, John encouraged me to choose a place that was special to me,” said Maddy. On January 24 – a cool, crisp Saturday – Maddy Burroughs was baptized by Pastor John Fitzgerald in Black Rock Lake in her hometown of Clayton, Georgia with her husband, parents, grandmother, and other family in attendance. Baptized wearing slacks and a long-sleeved shirt, Maddy says, “I didn’t even shiver! After 28 years, I was so focused on it happening.  It was so special!” (Pastor John, however, admits to wearing his fishing waders beneath his robe!) Submitted by Donna Rogers, Providence UMC, Charlotte